Llorens Dolls is pleased to announce that we will attend the International Toy Fair from January 29th to February 2nd, which will take place in Nuremberg, Germany, where you can find us at our stand located at HALL 1 / C-1.

Llorens Dolls are designed by our professionals to awaken feelings in children of all ages, taking care of every detail to have fun in an educational and didactic way. Discover all the novelties of the Llorens Dolls Universe in Spielwarenmesse.

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    When we set out to create a new collection in Llorens Dolls we take into account the fabrics and materials for its preparation. Most of our clothes, dresses and accessories are made 100% wool. The choice always of fabrics of primary quality is an important part of the process and it helps us to create the collections of clothes for our babies and dolls for each new collection.

    Our designs are original and exclusive, we design them 100% in Llorens Dolls choosing the colors and fabrics that favor the dolls, following the current trends but with the unique touch that our designers and designers give to turn each doll into a unique piece, made to last. The wool is very important for our designs since it allows us to create soft and attractive aesthetics, with varied clothes full of details and accessories.

    Discover our collection of Dolls 2018, you will love it!


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    With some delay we want to show you some pictures of our Stand at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, Spielwarenmesse, held in February.

    It was a very positive fair for Muñecas Llorens, since we received the visit of clients and people interested of our dolls. In addition, we presented our new collection of dolls for 2017, whose details you will know very soon.

    From Muñecas Llorens we want to thank all for the support and all the love that was given us at Fair, in addition to all the love and love that our dolls receive in our social networks. Our greatest joy is that the dolls Llorens reach all corners of the world, always relying on our product, 100% made in Spain and made with the best materials. Also our dolls are very cute!


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    IMAGEN_FAIR copiaAt Llorens Dolls, we have the pleasure to announce that we would be attending the International Toy Fair to be held 1 – 6 February at Nuremberg, Germany with our stand at HALL 1 / C-17.

    Llorens Dolls are designed by our professionals with an aim to create feelings in children of all ages in an educational and didactic way, with a great variety of colours, sizes and accessories. Discover all our novelties and dolls at Spielwarenmesse.

    You can ask for information & meeting request by filling out the following form. We will be glad to see you soon in Spielwarenmesse!

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