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Our most beautiful dolls

Our most beautiful dolls

We have little friends from all over the world. Each are dressed beautifully; just like you, they love wearing the latest trends.

Llorens dolls are adorable!

You’ll also love their names:
Valeria, Martina, Sara, Nicole and many, many more.

Comb their hair, dress them and collect them: You’ll fall in love with them.

The mini dolls are absolutely charming!

Our most special dolls are jointed. These high-range dolls move their head, arms and legs, allowing you to put them in a range of realistic and funny positions.

Various sizes

Fabric body

Vinyl body


Expand their wardrobe

Woollen clothing

Meet the rest of the Llorens family

Meet the rest of the Llorens family

Watch the video on Llorens crying babies


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Step into the Llorens Universe
Enter and become a part of this fun club for friends of Llorens, and make the most of a load of surprising advantages.
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