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Reborn Llorens
Reborn ternura, parecen de verdad

Slide It is a 100% hand-made baby. Its manual production makes it unique and exclusive, meaning there will never be two the same. Let us introduce you to our much-loved Reborn Babies
Cuidados Reborn

Smooth-skinned and tender, you’ll want to hug them all the time. Each detail is meticulously thought-out, conceived with lots of love and care.

Their requirements are similar to those of a real baby – they even weigh the same!

Detalle Reborn

Adopted dolls come with a birth certificate and a family book that you need to fill in with its new name. It also contains instructions on how to look after the baby. The dolls are presented with a beautiful box which could be used as a cot. This has a pair of handles, allowing you to take your doll with you wherever you go.

Advice for looking after your doll

Advice for looking after your doll

Its mohair must only become wet with sprayed water diluted with a little hair conditioner and a soft brush. To ensure it remains intact, don’t pull its hair.

Only clean it with a damp soft cloth. Never rub. Instead, clean by gently dabbing it.

Don’t use any other product on your Reborn Baby.

It’s very important not to submerge it in water, as it may become damaged. Anyway, it still doesn’t know how to swim!

Try not to scrape your Reborn Baby against rough surfaces, as it is hand-painted and this could become chipped or worn. You should also avoid using damaging chemical products.


Dummy included

Fabric body

Woollen clothing

Meet the rest of the Llorens family

Meet the rest of the Llorens family

Step into the Llorens Universe
Enter and become a part of this fun club for friends of Llorens, and make the most of a load of surprising advantages.
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