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Nueva Web Llorens

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Nueva Web Llorens

No, you’re not lost. If you got here, you’re visiting the new Muñecas Llorens website. We’ve updated it to adapt to the new times. Our website is now “responsive”; in other words, it adapts to all types of screens: mobile, tablet or computer.

Our new 2016 catalogue is now available. Download and enjoy it from any device. We’re convinced you’ll love it. Besides dolls, crying baby dolls and newborns (mechanical and soft), we’ve got a new dress section this year for dolls and baby dolls separately.

And that’s not all. We’ve revamped everything with all-new sections. There’s even a really fun memory game with our dolls and baby dolls! Plus, it fulfils our principles: To play and learn. We invite you to play it on our website.




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